Year In Review

It has been an exciting year. The level of training and commitment of our clientele was outstanding! The number of personal records, great performances and strength gains are too numerous to mention. We have had people loose over 50 pounds, get their first pull up and clean and jerk more than they ever thought possible. We added a forum to help our clients track their progress, we added and replaced equipment to support the training we do and today we are again nearing a capacity level for our training. The next few paragraphs contain some statistics, milestones and some thoughts as we close out 2008. Enjoy!
Stats Mania - The total volume of workouts performed in 2008 was just about 30,000. The total number of sessions was down a little bit 2007 but the frequency of people coming to work out was higher.  Think about it, the average client worked out 3.6 times per week! If there is a single thing, beyond the training, that makes our clients successful is their consistency in training.  One of the best things we did last year was to raise our prices. The result was fewer people coming more often and getting better results and coaching. Think about it raise price and people come more? The marginal increase in price decreased our membership for a time but the net result was a more committed, more consistent group of people who weren't just looking for a good workout, but were really interested in personal improvement. It is also easier to teach smaller groups higher skill component movements. Getting people to train often is the key to success. Keeping people committed is the real work. We send out two e-newsletters per month. Why? It really isn't because we have that many interesting things to say, we want people to remember they we are here and help remind them they should come in to workout. Does your gym do that? We do. If you are not going to use your membership, roger up and quit. We want people who are committed, not just going through the motions.
The on again, off again approach to fitness is the real killer keeping people from being successful. The "this time its different mentality" denotes a lack of long term commitment to health and fitness which is the real problem. The many genius marketing savvy people capitalize on the lack of long-term commitment through infomercials. The markers play on impulse purchases a low price point as a way to separate the fool and his money. All you have to do is turn on late-night TV and a celebrity will be there to meet you with the abs buns of steel total gym best workout ever DVD or equipment. All of that for three easy installments of $19.99 all you have to do is call this one 800-number with your credit card now, right now. The fitness industry doesn't charge enough. The average person who has a gym membership attends the gym 4.1 times per month! That $40 per month membership is expensive if it is $10 per visit to walk on the treadmill. Combine the lack of skill with the lack of follow-up from globogym and the recipe is a three-year contract in the collections department bigger than the training staff. It's a recipe for mediocrity.
People value what they pay for. Think of a Rolex watch, if it breaks people pay to fix it, the over-the-counter watch at Sears is discarded and replaced. The Rolex reflects the highest quality and a lifelong piece of jewelry, a special timepiece, not a disposable wristwatch. The average gym competes on the basis of price and superficial amenities people rarely use. Our response to people inquire about price initially are typically not really interested in serious training. Our experience with price hypersensitivity is that it's better that they train somewhere else, they will never really value what we do. People rarely cancel private training appointments because they know they will be charged if the cancellation is without a 24-hour notice. People are not usually in the habit of throwing away a $80-$110 per session but they will blow off going to run on the treadmill for just about anything. Wasting $10 is the same as wasting $100 - It is still a waste.
Voted Best Gym in Detroit in 2008? HyperFit USA was named the best gym in Detroit for 2008. We went head-to-head against many much larger facilities than our own. Our few hundred members and the CrossFit community at large cared more to vote for us than the thousands of members at the giant globogyms. What that tells us is that our small little tribe cares more than the thousands of members at global gym. A big thank you goes out to our members and the CrossFit community in general for sharing our passions for successful training and community. Take a look back in the archives of our blog and our old blog. The faces pictures videos show people doing tough workouts but one of the biggest things people see our smiles. People have come and gone over the years but the smiles camaraderie and community remain. One of our biggest goals at HyperFit USA is to provide them with an opportunity to truly be successful with their fitness.
What do people need to do to be successful in training? We provide people with workouts that push limits, a community of people who support each other and constant benchmarking track people's improvements. General physical fitness is supported by using functional movements that are constantly varied (CrossFit). The real kicker is the skill sets needed to be able to teach and safely monitor people. The sheer diversity in training requires someone to seek out professional, experienced coaching. Every once in a while it's fun to get an e-mail asking for coaching by someone trying to learn Kettlebells or Olympic lifting from a book or a video on YouTube. In 2008 we added a lot of equipment and diverse training tools along with many certifications and seminars on training to help our people remain as successful as they have been in the past and lead them into 2009 with everything they need to reach their goals.
Our last class of 2008 is December 31 at noon. In 2008 we held approximately 1700 classes! Claims abound about experience and training. HyperFit USA has some very experienced training staff. Since 2003 we've held nearly 7500 classes not to mention many to count private training sessions. If you stop and think about it with an average class size of about 15 per class - we have instructed a little over 112,000 workouts! I really hadn't considered how many sessions we have done to get to this point until putting a pen to it for this. Right now we have about 1,072 class videos on and another 100 on The video represent about 15% of the class we have held since 2003! The videos are not infomercials; they are actual classes and training sessions. We post the videos online so people may review their movements and make improvements on their form. It is funny that they have ended up being a chronicle of our history. This is a link to a video from 2006 and contains some footage from various classes and footage from the last three day CrossFit Certification.

Click here for video... .

Video: Some good, some not so good but in any case the video is there - the good the bad the ugly for everyone to see. Here is a challenge: from the video let's see who can name the most first-time CrossFit affiliates at the certification.

Everything we've accomplished thus far is because of our clients. The year that is closing marks one of the best years in the history of HyperFit USA. The future for HyperFit USA is very bright indeed. We have several new instructor candidates going through the curriculum, 2009 will mark our first of many training seminars on taking our experiences and turning them into seminar format to help other trainers. We hope to expand our staff in 2009 so we may begin adding locations in other cities. The key with all business and any great endeavor is having the right people in the right place at the right time. The upcoming year holds much promise, at the very least it will be interesting.

This Week’s Schedule


The following is the classes schedule for this week.


Monday: Normal Class Schedule

Tuesday: Normal Class Schedule

Wednesday: 12:00 Noon – Holiday Class

Thursday: 12:00 Noon – Holiday Class

Friday: 9:30 AM – Holiday Class

Saturday: Classes Resume Normal

Sunday: Permanent Change to 10:00 AM


Saturday's at 10:00 AM will become our benchmark workout beginning 1/1/09. Saturday at 10:00 AM will be the day you come and measure your progress and improvements overall.


I found this from Gym Jones.