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This contract has no legal binding and will not be enforced in court. This contract is what contracts were meant to be: A Declaration of Honor and Commitment between People. It is the highest moral transaction: An agreement to exchange your highest value for our highest value. This contract outlines the expectation for people who train with us and what we commit to giving in return. This contract is to express declaration of fitness goals and training intentions of you as the trainee and us as the coaches. This contract is for the sole intention of helping our clients take a serious look at their reasons for being here and re-embracing their motivation.


HyperFit USA will:


  • Provide the best instruction and training we can deliver.


  • Seek, develop and retain the best staff we can.


  • Give you as many training opportunities as we can.


  • Create an environment which promotes excellence in training.


  • We will help you stay on track and focused on the goal: Making you the most athletic, strong and capable as you want to be.


Trainee Expectations: (Please initial)


___ I commit to getting the most out of my training by being consistent to myself and my training.

___ I compete with myself to be better every day.

___ I encourage those around me to do their best.

___ I keep track of my scores, results and attendance to track my success.

___ I know going through the motions is not acceptable.

___ I agree to give 100% of whatever I have when training in and outside the gym.

___ I agree to come as often as humanly possible.

___ I realize that good health and fitness requires commitment.

___ I will give the commitment necessary to get the results I want.

___ I will pay attention during class and help others to do so to.

___ I realize if I slow down class, I am stealing training time from my classmates.

___ I will do my best to learn the all the movements necessary to successfully participate in training.


I understand by signing this, I am making a personal commitment to myself, friends, family and peers to devote my efforts at HyperFit USA to achievement of my personal training goals.





_______________________________ Date __________

  • Carol H

    I guess anything good in life comes through hard work. This contract reminds me that I’ll only get out of my training what I put into it. It’s a tall order, but is a main reason I love Hyperfit (and I suspect I’m in good company!). What matters most is honest self-development. The programming and instruction have always provided the opportunity, so the onus is on me. Thanks for this.

  • Bea

    HFUSA is already committed to clients. Some are natural athletes and some are not. HFUSA trains us all, regardless of ability, and expects only that we commit to our training, to our improvement and to each other. Check bad attitude at the door. Sign me up. Thx.

  • McCoy

    This infectious kick ass and take names later attitude is what first drew me to HyperFit and has kept me coming for the last two months. I can’t say I’m always 100% motivated when I walk through that door, maybe because of a bad day at work or a devastating workout the day before. But once I’m surrounded by the great folks in that gym I’m able to leave the noise at the door and push myself harder than I thought possible. What other place could make me call inanimate objects bad names as much as HFUSA? As far as I am concerned I sign this contract everyday when I crawl out of bed and the soreness brings a smile to my face. Thanks!