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    Every Saturday is a Benchmark workout. One of the girls, Heros or max effort lift.

Why we choose CrossFit

  • Why CrossFit?
    Why do we do CrossFit?

    Who really relies on the results of their fitness to preserve their lives? Soldiers, Police and Fire fighters.

    What is being adopted throughout the Special Forces communities, Secret Service, US Marshals, FBI, ATF and many other people who rely on fitness to preserve their lives? CrossFit.

    When it comes to an endeavor where being weak costs you your life, they do CrossFit.

    Most of us do not require that level of fitness in our daily lives. Why train this hard? If you look at a continuum when on one side is residing in a nursing home and the other end the decathlete (Or similar well rounded capable individual), ask this simple question: Which place do I want to be in?

    Time, aging, and lifestyle conspire to put us in long term care homes and alike. The harder we pull toward the elite side of the continuum, the less close we are to the nursing home. If teaching a 57 year old women to dead lift 200 plus pounds seems extreme, think of the grandmother who can't pick up her #20 grandson. Which place do you want to be in?

    Very few of us will get to the level of being on the CrossFit website for some outstanding physical feat. We CAN all work diligently to achieve the best effort and results our age and ability allow us to achieve.

    All the training we do at HyperFit USA uses CrossFit principles as the basis of our programming.


    Our goal is to create people who are capable in ALL aspects of fitness. The results and methods are shown on our blogs and in our videos.

    When the SEAL Teams and Special Forces adopt Swiss balls as a major tool to keep them alive when it counts, I will buy them. Until that time, we will do CrossFit.


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October 07, 2008


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Carol H

I guess anything good in life comes through hard work. This contract reminds me that I'll only get out of my training what I put into it. It's a tall order, but is a main reason I love Hyperfit (and I suspect I'm in good company!). What matters most is honest self-development. The programming and instruction have always provided the opportunity, so the onus is on me. Thanks for this.


HFUSA is already committed to clients. Some are natural athletes and some are not. HFUSA trains us all, regardless of ability, and expects only that we commit to our training, to our improvement and to each other. Check bad attitude at the door. Sign me up. Thx.


This infectious kick ass and take names later attitude is what first drew me to HyperFit and has kept me coming for the last two months. I can't say I'm always 100% motivated when I walk through that door, maybe because of a bad day at work or a devastating workout the day before. But once I'm surrounded by the great folks in that gym I'm able to leave the noise at the door and push myself harder than I thought possible. What other place could make me call inanimate objects bad names as much as HFUSA? As far as I am concerned I sign this contract everyday when I crawl out of bed and the soreness brings a smile to my face. Thanks!

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    Personal training offers individualized coaching. People often have special goals - marathon training, running technique improvement, Olympic Weightlifting, kettlebell training, special programming (weight gain/weight loss) and more. Personal training gives people the special attention they need and the option to train specifically.

    HyperFit USA's daily workout is based on CrossFit principles of constantly varied functional exercises, executed at high intensity. HyperFit USA is a licensed CrossFit Affiliate and is authorized to teach the CrossFit Method. The WOD includes a dynamic warm up, skill set, WOD and strength or skill development then a warm down. It is a complete workout.

    Olympic Weightlifting is peerless in developing speed and power. O-Lifting classes develop the skills needed to be successful at weightlifting. A strong O-Lifting program is the cornerstone of a successful strength and conditioning program.

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