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HyperFit USA: Mission Statement

The mission of HyperFit USA is to provide the highest quality fitness training at a reasonable price for people who are truly committed to overall health and fitness.


What do we mean by the highest quality training available? We teach people to move better and develop athletic skills. We ensure quality training by continuous skill and coaching development for all our instructor staff. Our staff is trained with the cutting-edge training techniques and a constant focus on basics and fundamentals. HyperFit USA's staff are some of the most experienced trainers anywhere.  A new trainer at HyperFit USA begins by first joining the gym and training in the program for six months. After the six-month "apprenticeship" the trainer begins our professional development curriculum, which includes shadowing veteran trainers while teaching classes and private training sessions. The guidance of our veteran trainers and our point by point teaching protocols develop a keen eye for movement and skills. HyperFit USA hosts many respected instructors and trainers for seminars certifications and workshops as part of our instructor development program.


What does it mean to move better and develop athletic skills? The exercises we choose help people integrate their entire body as an athletic tool. We use movements that develop multidimensional skills and movements in many planes, which train body awareness. The movements increase people's flexibility by training a useful range of motion and resemble natural human movement. The movements require and develop coordination. The idea is to use movement to develop athletic skill. The net result is a more capable, healthier person.


What do we mean by reasonable price? People often look at fitness as a $30 per month membership at some gym people will never go to anyway. People often think of fitness as the puffed-up bodybuilder type training with those "supplements," flexing in shiny mirrors wearing Speedo's. No wonder people think their membership is only worth $30 a month. Typically gyms provide typical training. What could it be worth? HyperFit USA provides exceptional training in a warm, friendly, community-based environment. We teach people how to do some of the most athletic training movements safely and correctly. If you're looking for the typical gym though, we are exceptionally expensive. If you are looking for a place to learn extraordinary skills, the training is the steal.


HyperFit USA ensures quality for our members by screening potential new members. Our clientele is sacred to us. We make sure people are fully committed to results before we let them join our clients in classes. Each new trainee must go through a series of qualification steps before he or she earns the right to train in our classes. The training helps new people make a healthy habit of working out. Each new person must go through the initial screening process which includes a mock class so they get a feel for what they getting. The initial session lets the new person decide if they are really cut out for this type of training. The screening process really checks for commitment rather than initial abilities. We can teach skills, it is hard to teach character. People fail themselves in their fitness quest because the environment they choose is boring, superficial and does not encourage people to stay with it. People who are serious about better health and fitness go through 10 private training sessions before they join classes. The sessions introduce people to the skills they need to succeed in the classes and lets them ramp up slowly for the classes. The combination of skills, habit and our community keep people coming back. The results people get are astounding, if they stick with it. We do everything we can to make sure people stick with their training. Our commitment is to high-quality, professional training.