Running does not have to suck – From Instructor Zoe

Running does not have to suck. Really. It's like hating shoes because you have one uncomfortable pair. If you only wear the uncomfortable ones, yes, you would think shoes suck. However, if you were to invest a little time and energy into finding a pair that fits, you might find that shoes don't suck after all. Soooo - how to make running comfortable:

1)  Attitude is everything: lumbering around with rounded shoulders and a sour expression is not fun. Think quick and light: "hot potato feet" Try to minimize the amount of time your feet are on the ground. Its like tapping the brakes instead of slamming them on with each step.
2) Use gravity to your advantage. Lean like the Tower of Pisa: slightly and from the ground (ankle). Gravity will pull you forward: all you have to do is move your feet. Speaking of feet....
3) Wear shoes that fit - go to a running store and ask for help. Most people should be wearing running shoes that are 1/2 to 1 full size bigger than everyday shoes.
4) Start/increase mileage slowly. Get comfortable running for 1/2 hour at an easy (you can carry on a conversation) pace a few days a week. Then add a day, or add 15 minutes to one of your runs.
5) Stretch AFTER you run. Your muscles are most pliable when they are warm - take advantage. It doesn't take too much extra time to stretch you calves on a curb, your hamstrings by putting your leg up on your bumper, and your quads/hip flexors holding onto a tree. Your running legs will thank you.