Stepping Up

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Going up in weight can be scary at times. There is some fear in going heavier, the pain, the concern about time and performance. Worry about making the lift, having good technique and making it through the work out are all things that flash through a person's mind when making the choice about how much weight to use. 

Big John took a big leap of faith today in the EDT WOD. The prescribed weight for swings was 24 kg - John took the 56kg. Yes - We like psycho big bells, and we swing them. The next trip to Rogue we will add some more. 

Okay - John is very strong, half way though the kettlebell intervals, he decided he was going to make it all the way through - He had placed a 24kg at handy distance - the WOD with the heavier bell. The made the decision that he started with this weight and he was going to finish with it. 


Ask yourself - when was the last time you really pushed the edge of the envelope? Do you regularly push the redline and push what your a capable of? The "prescribed" weight is usually only thought of as scaled down. Why not up? Why not push the edge? Let's see what you can do!

Gains in strength come at the price of lifting heavier objects. Gaining strength is one of the greatest goods we can do for people. Yes, everyone wants to be able to go one vacation and look good but one of the greatest benefits to the program is making people stronger. Strong people are harder to kill. In our world of reverse evolution, maybe it is a good idea to maintain some of our baser abilities. 

If your mechanics are sound and you have been consistent with your training, considering adding to prescribed loading. It does not have to be a huge increment, add some #2.5 plates to your bar. Go up one size in bell or ball. Challenge yourself - you might like the results.