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Foundational strength and conditioning begins with a deadlift and squat. The ability to lift a load off of the ground is important to developing power.

Increasing loads in reasonable increments is important to learning and reinforce good movements. Initially people make large gains due to learning and better neurological connections - It is still important to be patient and adapt slowly. Large jumps in loads can be the cause of grief.

The Flywheel ladies working on their first work set of deadlifts.

Bare Foot Running

Here is a great read Jeff found yesterday: Bare Foot Running

It seems to validate the Vibram 5 Fingers funky shoe we wear - When it is a lot warmer. 

Ryan – Knees to Elbows – Strict

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Ryan getting his K2E on during the finisher.

American Swing: 30 (24kg/16kg)
Ball Slam: 20 (#30/#200
Pull Up: 10

5 Rounds for time


K2E (Strict): 10
AbMat Sit Up: 20

5 Rounds

Cardo fat burn day.


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Prior to lifting, here is a check list:

1 - Base - Are your feet in the right place?
2 - Back Set - Is your back in the proper position?
3 - Is your grip correct? Are you in the right place for the right lift? Is your grip balanced on the bar?
4 - Is the weight in the right place? Is the bar close?

If the answer to ALL of the questions YES - Then go for it!

After the thunder

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After the classes finish, take time to stretch, roll and spend some time replenishing your stores. The 30 minutes after a hard training session is a great time to get some nutrition in and aid your recovery.

Coach Barwis at U of M has the team drink chocolate milk. We like whole milk. (Too sweet - chocolate milk)