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Setting Personal Records

DSC00366, originally uploaded by The DChap.

The DMan set a personal record and pulled #405 on Monday. Setting a PR is gratifying. The pursuit to perform better all the time - lift more, go faster is the essence of personal growth and fitness.

People will often set a string of near constant PR for several years after they begin training with us. There are a couple of factors that could contribute to people's success.

1. The human potential that we operate at in our society is low. It takes a long time and training to get close to a person's human potential. Let's face it, our soft lifestyle really does not lend itself well to feats of physical strength or fitness. Many people's pursuit of physical excellence does not continue past the high school athletic careers. The need for physical prowess diminishes in favor of more sedentary lifestyle.

2. Consistent hard training. People lose consistency by chasing the latest fad training method or general boredom in training methods. Deadlifts, squats and olympic lifts are foundations that will never change very much. (Unless humans evolve and have new joints or limbs) The are hard by their nature. Heavy and difficult to learn as well as a never ending struggle to master make them a life long quest for mastery.

The initial stages of development get people PRs on a daily basis. As people move down the developmental curve and begin to approach their genetic and age limited potential PR get more infrequent and difficult to get. There are many cases of where getting to within striking distance of their genetic potential will take a long time.

People have no idea what they are capable of unless they try.

General Agility Drills

IMG_9995, originally uploaded by The DChap.

General agility drills are important to developing athleticism and helping people be aware of the bodies. Simple drills like cartwheels and hand stands challenges balance and encourages active shoulders.

Not to mention pretty fun to do and instruct.

Jump Squats

IMG_0390, originally uploaded by The DChap.

Begin with the bar on your shoulder, do a full range of motion squat then power into a jump. Land by absorbing the force by going back into a full squat. Repeat as necessary.

Caveats: Keep the bar tight on your shoulders or it will crash on you. This is a self correcting exercise.

All teaching points for the squat still hold.

Sectional Tune Up – WOD # 4

Fight Gone Bad - Movement standards: Wall Ball - From standing with the ball, full squat to butt ball, then explosively propel the ball to the 10' target - the ball must be caught for the rep to count. Sumo Deadlift High Pull: Begins on the floor, explosively lift the bar to the collarbone and back down. Box Jump: Jump from ground to top of box, fully open the hip and return to the ground. Push Press: Bar goes from shoulders to fully locked and over head while standing completely. Row: Pull freaking hard!