Warming up and Movement Prep

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Warming up is important to a good training session. The purpose it the warm up it to prepare the body for strenuous exercise. Warming up joints and tissue helps people move better.

A warm up should also reinforce movement patterns and give people a chance to develop flexibility.

Another crittical component to the warm up it practicing the movements that will be done in the WOD. Many times short sets and teaching progressions help further prepare the athlete for the workout.

The skills set component is also where sensible scaling on loading should take place. If someone come in really isn't comfortable with the weight, this is their opportunity to change weights to something more manageable.

Pre/Post - Many people come in early before training. This time should be used to foam roll and stretch. After the WOD, foam rolling and stretching are important to recovery.

Setting Up

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Each time you lift, take a moment to check yourself. Start from base up. Foot position, spinal alignment, placement relative to the bar.

People often have limitations based on flexibility. Other people may not be strong enough to hold position. Scale and adjust load until you have the both.

Fittest in Michigan Challenge: Pre-Regional Challenge

HyperFit USA/CrossFit Ann Arbor is pleased to announce 2nd Annual Fittest In Michigan Challenge (Pre-Regional Tune-Up)

When: April 10-11, 2010

Where: HyperFit USA(CrossFit Ann Arbor), 670 Airport Blvd, Suite 3, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

We are opening the field to everyone in the region as a tune up for the regionals in May. The format is going to be 5 WODs with three on Saturday and two on Sunday. We are limiting the number of people so sign up ASAP - Do not wait. We want to keep the numbers to a manageable and run a great event!

We are also using the event to set up HyperFit USA's affiliate team - for our members only.

Here is the time line:

  • Registration Closes: April 8
  • WODs Announced
  • Check in: April 10 - 8:00 AM
  • Event Starts: 9:00 AM
  • Rest of the time line TBA

Click on the link below to register! .

Register Now!

The goals for this event are to have a great community event and get people prepped for the CrossFit Regionals.

First Murph

The morning was greeted by our first Murph Group of the year. 

IMG_7885 A chilly morning in Ann Arbor

IMG_7899 Ralf and his squats

IMG_7907 Julie and Kyle on the bar.

IMG_7887 Andrew and Justin

IMG_7932 A little overexposed group

Farewell Jeremy

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Our resident pro volleyball players Jeremy and Dan are moving to San Diego (Pacific Beach).

We are going to miss you guys- good luck.