Olympic Weightlifting Seminar June 26, 2010

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar this Saturday from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Learn to do and teach Olympic Weightlifting from the ground up.

USA Weightlifting Senior Coach Mark Cannella of the famous Columbus Weightlifting Club will show the fundamentals of teaching and doing the snatch and clean & jerk. 

Mark will teach you:

  • Snatch - from the ground up
  • How to be fast under the bar
  • Clean - Develop athletic power
  • Jerk - Learn to be fast and strong

This seminar is a must for anyone who pushes the edge of the envelope of their performance. 

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Mark Cannella -Olympic Lifting Seminar

Mark Cannella is the head coach and president of the Columbus Weightlifting Club, a non-profit 501 c 3 in Columbus, OH. He has been a part of the lifting community as a lifter, coach, administrator and official for about 20 years. In addition, The CWLC holds competitions and seminars in Ohio on the sport of Olympic Style Weightlifting, including the Arnold Weightlifting Championships. Cannella has produced many National level lifters with the goal of them stepping up to the next level of International competitions. For the last 5 years he has been ranked in the top two of his division for Master's lifting and competed at Nationals in 2004 as a 40 year old. Mark has placed in the top 3 at the American Open during his competitive career and has best lifts of 132.5kg and 172.5kg lifting in the 99kg to 105kg divisions with a best total of 302.5kg.

Fair Winds JR – Kick some butt…

June 18, 2010

Hey Doug, 

Today was my last day at Hyperfit before I leave for training. I just wanted to thank you, Mike, Jeff, and Patrick for all your help over the past couple months. I learned a great deal in that short time and the experience will be invaluable during the challenges ahead. You have fostered an inspiring community and I really enjoyed being a part of it. 

Best of luck to you and the entire Hyperfit clan,