Tribute to the empowered ladies at HyperFit USA this morning…


These are a group of ladies who worked very hard this morning to get the results they want. 


The effort and these ladies put into the training showed what they are made of. 


Everyone is unique and has their own story. 


Everyone has something that gives them the fire in the belly to achieve.


There is no substitute for hard work. 


Every day, give what you have got. 


Leave nothing undone.


Train to be the best you can be. 


Work and get the job done. 


Hard work builds people. 


Be stronger than you thought you could be. 


Keep going. 

*Photos stylized on iPad by DChap


Margins of our experience…

IMG_9767, originally uploaded by The DChap.

Friday gave the noon class a chance to train under adversity. The weather provided the class additional stimulus.

One of the great things about CrossFit is it provides us an opportunity to push the margins of our experience. Precise conditions of 68 degrees, humidity of 70% at 3:00 PM may be the time you may be at your best. How do you do at 7,000 feet? How do you do at 110 degrees. What is your Fran time on on a ship in a heavy sea state? What happens when the rules change and you have to perform? Life isn't fair or equal.

The ability to perform well under any condition nature graces us with is an essence of CrossFit. Nature provides us an opportunity to push our limits further.

Thank you mother nature, may we have another?



Julie's Hands

These are the results of the second WOD at the CrossFit Games. These actually look better than they did after WOD and before Mike Ray cut the excess and hanging skin off.

AFTER this, Julie completed 5 more evolutions. Including deadlifts, double unders, rope climbs, push ups, cleans, handstand push ups and overhead squats. Never a complaint. The discussion was centered on strategy and how to tape her hands and how to be competitive in the following WODs.

The purpose of this post: CrossFit reveals characters. The training and constant testing of physical and mental toughness strips away the layers of superficiality and reveals the true nature of the human being. Mental toughness is not a static thing, it is a lot like muscle. The more it is stressed, the stronger it gets. Stress it too much and it tears. You do it the wrong way and it breaks. Do nothing with it and it weakens and atrophies.

Be mentally and physically tough. Push yourself and find where your redline is.

CrossFit Games

IMG_7265, originally uploaded by The DChap.

The CrossFit Games are a site to behold. The raw athletic power is truly amazing. How many places can you go where you go into an athletic event not knowing what you are going to do, how much weight you are going to move or for how long.

The key word is resilience. The mental toughness it takes to fight through adversity and still have to be able to perform.