Motivated People Only

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Here is our latest iteration of our Motivated People Only sign. The old sign was done in an ancient version of Microsoft Publisher. The latest version was done on an iPad app. 

The words still hold true. The ultimate responsibility for our clients success rest in how motivated our clients are. There is no amount of coaching or technique or begging or pleading that will help if you are unmotivated. The world replete with excuses and reasons why they can't get to the gym. Why it is too hard. Why fitness isn't a priority.  Results are most impacted by intensity. Intensity hurts. Intensity is uncomfortable. Discomfort is overcome by motivation. 

What motivates you? What makes you get fired up to train? Is it a PR attempt? It is the buddies you train with? Is it the vacation swimsuit you have to get on? Is it getting stronger? Is it the sense of accomplishment from slugging through a WOD that has all of your weaknesses? Is it your first unassisted pull up? Is getting your body weight snatch? Is it being able to do yard work all day and not be sore? Embrace your reason for training. Stay motivated. 

There is nothing more heart breaking than someone who loses their motivation. People often begin with a strong desire, but the reality of the effort it takes to get what they want is more than a passing fancy and they fail. Any goal can be achieved with enough motivation. Find your motivation and go for it. 

Motivation changes over time. The thing that you are training for is completed and it is time to find the next thing. Find the fire inside to keep on keeping on. Find the next goal the next event. 

What ever it is that you decide to give your all too, give it all and enjoy the ride.