Two Years of Results: Matt Chittle

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Matt Chittle forwarded us this in PowerPoint of his progress. It shows what can be done with effort, and some good record keeping. It also says a lot about being stats obsessed. 

Let's extract some additional statistics. 396 training hours over two years. 

There are: 17,520 hours in two years, assume, 8 hours of sleep per day, so subtract 5,840 which leaves 11,680 hour of awake time. Now assume 8 hour work days and 50 work weeks per year which about 4,000 hours of work over the same period. It leaves 7,680 of disposable time over two years. Let's say half the time is devoted to family time which leaves about 3,840 hours of random time available for miscellaneous stuff. It works out to just over 10% of our unaccounted for time to maintain the only thing that is with us from birth to death.

The return on investment of time and health is priceless. Quality of life is determined by our ability to do.