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Why we choose CrossFit

  • Why CrossFit?
    Why do we do CrossFit?

    Who really relies on the results of their fitness to preserve their lives? Soldiers, Police and Fire fighters.

    What is being adopted throughout the Special Forces communities, Secret Service, US Marshals, FBI, ATF and many other people who rely on fitness to preserve their lives? CrossFit.

    When it comes to an endeavor where being weak costs you your life, they do CrossFit.

    Most of us do not require that level of fitness in our daily lives. Why train this hard? If you look at a continuum when on one side is residing in a nursing home and the other end the decathlete (Or similar well rounded capable individual), ask this simple question: Which place do I want to be in?

    Time, aging, and lifestyle conspire to put us in long term care homes and alike. The harder we pull toward the elite side of the continuum, the less close we are to the nursing home. If teaching a 57 year old women to dead lift 200 plus pounds seems extreme, think of the grandmother who can't pick up her #20 grandson. Which place do you want to be in?

    Very few of us will get to the level of being on the CrossFit website for some outstanding physical feat. We CAN all work diligently to achieve the best effort and results our age and ability allow us to achieve.

    All the training we do at HyperFit USA uses CrossFit principles as the basis of our programming.


    Our goal is to create people who are capable in ALL aspects of fitness. The results and methods are shown on our blogs and in our videos.

    When the SEAL Teams and Special Forces adopt Swiss balls as a major tool to keep them alive when it counts, I will buy them. Until that time, we will do CrossFit.


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October 12, 2010


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Aaron Jannetti

Couldn't have said it better myself. I hope you don't mind If I post this on my page for my people? Giving you credit of course.

P.S.- I did a 3:03 Fran after a drinking and "take-n-bake pizza" binge a year ago. Never felt worse in my life.. def makes you reevaluate your lifestyle hahaha!

-AJ (OKM/Columbus CrossFit)

Douglas Chapman

No problem Aaron. Glad you like it.

Polo Lopez

Here, Here!! Well said. This material needs to be preached more often. Affiliates striving for Integrity, Technique, and Consistency.


great post.

I'm Steve Loeding- Owner of Top Gun CrossFit - Minneapolis, MN. Would it be possible for me to borrow this ?

Thanks !!!

Steve Loeding


Douglas Chapman

Steve, go ahead. Thanks.


Joel Fridman

Nice post, it's exactly what every CFter should to remember before each WOD.
Usually I teach the newbies on the very first day a bit on scaling and individual intensity, however once in a while I've got to remind them these concepts.
Love this whole article, might I use it (translated) in one of my post this week? And the same of the above, credits for you.
CrossFit Brasil

Keefa Earls

Woooowww, this was so well said. I am very hard on myself and my performances. Although improvement is as you said relative, its great to read this article as a reminder. with the forging elite fitness motto, mantra it is sometimes easy to feel like what we do is not elite enuff if it isnt a 2 minute FRAN.... this was great and like the other posts said, i would like to use this with proper credit of course. thanks buddy

Dave Picardy

Another great post Douglas. Can I just copy and paste it onto my site, put my name on it after Tara proof reads it and Crush Fran in 1:30.


Davie, as always copy, claim and circulate without acknowledgement. If you are offering Tara's services, I will accept as grammar and spelling often miss the mark. As far as the 1:30 fran, a video would be acceptable, not you and Tara, the Fran.

Miss you guys.


This is outstanding and what every new CrossFitter needs to hear when they walk into the door to start. And it's what every seasoned CrossFitter needs to hear from time to time to keep perspective. If you don't mind would I be able to copy it and post it on our site? Ryan from CrossFit Lynchburg.

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