CrossFit Ann Arbor: Midwest Hopper Challenge

Who: Anyone who is interesting and truly measuring their fitness

What: Complete 4 Games level WODs

When: December 18, 2010  - From 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Social after)

Where: CrossFit Ann Arbor/HyperFit USA - 670 Airport Blvd, Suite 3, Ann Arbor, MI 4108

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Hopper Movements - People should be able to perform the following movements. 

Row, Back Squat,Deadlift, Clean and Jerk, Snatch (Full), Burpee, Toes to Bar, Hand Stand Push Up , Double Under and Pull Up

The WODs will be scaleable. 


Starting Position

Your starting position is key to a successful lift. Be mindful of your start!




Thanksgiving in Perspective


Thanksgiving is a time to take a moment and reflect on the things that we are fortunate for in our lives. Often, our scope tends to be narrow and focused on immediate things we are thankful for. Many of the things we can truly thankful for go beyond the material and immediate friendships to the roots and causes for our good fortunes.


We often tend to take many things for granted. The truly amazing things we have in our lives cease to be amazing because we tend to be too familiar with them. We fail to see the great efforts people make, because they make them all the time. We overlook extraordinary people we have in our lives because we see them everyday and the extraordinary become ordinary. We tend to focus on the discomforts or annoyances because we live too much in a life of comfort.


Try this tool for helping you realize how truly fortunate we are. The "Who were you before...?" tool. Take a snap shot in your head if where you are now. Maybe take a moment to write down what the things that you really value now. Maybe it is a relationship, a job, a car or whatever. Think now about how you got to that point.


Think of a year ago and think of the person you were. What you were doing, with who and what impacted you the most between then and now. How the events and choices you made got you to the good point you are now. Consider is what are the decision points, choices and opportunities that most shaped the position you are in now. Now go back two years, three, five or ten. Who were you then and what has impacted your life the most and given you the most to be thankful for?


Some of the items we should be most thankful for are the hard life lessons. The days we thought we would never make it through. The personal and professional tests that forced our growth as humans. The moments of doubt - moments of failure are some the greatest stretches of good fortune for us since we are forced to adapt and overcome. Were everything easy, we would be nothing.

We see extraordinary efforts from people working to achieve fitness everyday. Exceptional efforts are so common that the seem to be just another day at the office. The growth people get is so common is no longer remarkable since that is all we see. Let's take a moment to reflect on the strong work everyone does and what great efforts it takes to make it happen.

Thank you to all of our loyal clients and friends!


Who can do it?


Anyone with determination. 

Anyone willing to work. 


Anyone with fitness goals. 

Anyone who wants to be strong.

Anyone who can learn to move. 

Anyone with the will to succeed. 

Anyone willing to push their limits. 

Anyone who wants to live a healthy, capable life. 

Anyone who is willing to pull together and smile.


Anyone who...