Goals and behaviors

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Everyone has goals. Some of them are as simple as make it to the gym or to PR whatever we are doing. Goals can be categorized, sorted and planned into excruciating detail. Goals can carry over into all aspects of a person's life. Maybe a goal could be an income requirement, it may be a automobile to purchase, it may be a certain number of kids. Setting goals seems to be an obsession for our culture.


Do your behaviors match your goals? It is simple. Are the things you are doing right now furthering your pursuit of your goals? Julie Foucher competed in the CrossFit games and ended up 5th. Many of the people in our gym were excited to see one of our own do well in the games. Many people said that looks pretty cool and decided they wanted to try that. People began doing extra workouts, following the programming and getting after it. The leaves are falling, the weather is growing cold and the fire is going out for their passion that was lit in July.


People watch professional and collegiate sports - marvel at the play of the game. The crucial play or moment - the clutch catch or slap shot. People watched the final event of the games and wondered how people can do be told what a workout is 20 seconds before they are executing it? It is simple. They earned the right to be there on a cold November morning by working on their back squat. They earned the right to be on the playing field in the World Series by polishing their skills in skills in January and spending their off season getting stronger. The behaviors match their goals.


People come into the gym with goals - lose weight, get stronger, be fitter or combat boredom. These goals are so simple to accomplish that it is almost laughable. Ready for the secret sauce? Shhhhhhh...don't tell anyone: stop eating processed carbs/sugars and come to the gym at least 3 times per week and work hard.  Magic! At a minimum, 99% of people‚Äôs fitness and health goals can be accomplished like this. Seriously. Three hours per week and stay out of the drive through. When grocery shopping, if it doesn't go bad in a few days, don't buy it. If your goal is to lose weight and be healthier - but you can't control your food cravings and can't get to the gym - then it isn't really a goal, it is a wish.


Measure your goals by the behaviors you have to support them. If you goal is to (Insert your own goal here) is what you are doing on a daily basis making the goal closer or further away. Seriously, a little self-evaluation here. Take a few minutes and write down what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. Review it daily - take a moment at the end of your day and reflect on what you did and how much it furthered the achievement of your goals. A drip of water eventually breaks the stone, it just works in small doses and is RELENTLESS.


Being off course.  Life happens. Kids get sick. You have a deadline at work. You have a semblance of a social life. If life takes you off course, accept it for what it is an get back on track. It is natural to have things outside your goal path to disrupt where you are going. Just take a moment to evaluate and keep on it. There are bumps in the road. Don't beat yourself up for being off course from time to time, just get after it again. 


Do your goals match your behaviors?