Learning Technique

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Using video to learn and practice movement is essential to success. Here is Julie Foucher who was 5th in the 2010 CrossFit Games taking time to practice some Olympic Weightlifting, specifically the Snatch. Julie is arguably one of the fittest women on the planet, but never waivers on the quest to get better. 


It is often hard to put these things out there. We tend to focus on the errors we make. When you identify a movement faults, think of the root cause and how to fix it. The next time you work on that skill, apply your solution and see how it goes. 

Many times during a workout and with the help of the a coach, you may be able to fine tune technique. We often post video of our training. When someone has the opportunity to see themselves move, they can make corrections. Many time seeing the movement faults of others can also help your movements. 

The pursuit is of perfection, the result is excellence. Never give up on getting better.