CrossFit Open 11.2

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We are hosting our open WODs all day in classes on Wednesday 3/30/11 and at 10:00 AM on Saturday 4/2/11. If you cannot make any of these times, then email to set up a special session.

Overhead Squats

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Overhead squats are a great test of flexibility and core strength. It is important to lock in your core and push up on the bar through the entire range of motion.

In Place of the Open

Pushing back the Open one week gave us a chance to have a pretty solid WOD. Great group and workout. 











Woulda, coulda, shoulda. There is a story about a fellow who was
really down on his luck. He decided if he won the lotto, he could
change his life, that he would do good and make a difference. So, he
decided to pray and ask god for him to win the lotto. God answered him
and said he would as he could see his heart and his sincerity. The
lotto was $200 million - the numbers came out and the fellow didn't
win. He spoke to god and asked; "why did you abandon me?" God replied,
"at least buy a ticket!"

People talk about what might have been, could have been and should
have been if they bothered to try. Maybe join the team, set up a
business take the SAT, whatever. Something. No one is going hand you
anything in this life. You have to participate in life. Sitting on the
sideline you never will win a game.

People make excuses so they can sit in their chair mediocrity and
comment about the people who are doing. Get your ass out of the chair
and make a difference. Talking about it isn't going to do it. Thinking
is a good thing but not to they point of paralysis. Get in the game.
Take a chance. Go for it; throw it all against the wall and see what
sticks. Opportunity passes in and out of life for and if you don't
seize it you will never gain anything. Choose and act.

Winning and losing matters – many of the most valuable life lessons
learned in life come from taking a chance and seeing what happens. You
will never win or lose unless you try. Everyone is an armchair
quarterback. Talking about the people who are on the field, making the
play or missing the pass.  Living though the experiences of others.
Live through doing, not watching.

What you do with life defines you as a human being. The fights you
pick, the stands you make, the things you settle for – is the record
of your life and your name. You can choose to be on the sideline or
you can choose to be in the games.

Lets see what you got?