Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells are excellent tools for adding variety of movements. One of the upsides is the loads are light and very sub maximal making them a great recovery tool.

Kettlebell Training

Still Rewarding…

Here is our latest check in with Bill L. 


Bill keeps making greater and greater strides in improving his fitness. He is able to handle more and more intensity. Intensity is the most important factor for getting results in training. As we move forward, we will keep you up to speed with his progress. 

Here is the original post for following Bill's progress. 

Keep on, keeping on Bill. 

Warm Up

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The warm up important to preparation for a work out. Waking up core - getting people to engage their core, get their body temp up and prepare the body for movement.

The warm up is a great time to work on skills that apply to the training that will be performed.

Great job to everyone who trained to day! Great group.

CrossFit Ann Arbor: Jackie

We have been hitting some benchmarks heading into the Open. It is amazing how many PRs and high quality performances we have. Hats off to everyone. From beginners to veterans, truly impressive performance. 

Here are the videos from Wednesday's training including Olympic Weightlifting practice - where PRs are really getting better all the time. Enjoy. 







Personal Records

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Setting personal records is important. Make sure you track your scores in all the WODs so you can gauge your progress and have a strategy when you are setting up for a max effort or so you can know what time you want to beat.

You can get fit without tracking your scores. A more effective way is to know how much your capacity is improving.


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Much of the training we do requires a lot of practice. Learning how to move your body or doing a lifts many times require systematic practice. High skill movements need to be developed over time. Doing a few reps each day or every other day can help you begin to master movements.

It is humbling once you realize you will always be able to improve and that you may never reach perfection. The quest for perfect movement will keep you moving and capable throughout your life.

Keep practicing