Extra Credit

Spending a little extra time training for the open and the regionals. 

Here is some fun team stuff pushing butchers and running.


Muscle up skills…

Here are some muscle up skills from Rogue trainer Brandon Couden. Some different insights on muscle up development. 


Getting Started

CrossFit is simple, but not easy. Many of the movement patterns are based on naturally occurring movement patterns. It takes time and effort to be able execute the movements correctly. Taking the time to train and develop the new people who join us is essential to their success. 

Here is one of our new people finishing up his 10th private session. 


The sessions are designed to get people ready to enter classes and join our regular classes. The progression is to get people familiar with the training and is a starting point to build off of. At the end of the session, we retest the baseline workout. Here are the results. 



Olympic Weightlifting Practice – Pulling from blocks – Or Plates…


Position pulling is important to learning the lifts. 


Getting to feel the important places during the lift is essential. 


Blocks or plates can be used.


The symphony of movement that are the Olympic lifts must sometime be practiced in parts so the symphony can come together in the end. 

CrossFit Ann Arbor: Open WOD 11.6


Great job to everyone who came out and did 11.6 today. If anyone missed the WOD due to the holiday - come in with a judge this week and giver her a go. 

If anyone needs to make up 11.5 - The gym will have open time at 11:00 AM on Sunday. 


The Open brought a lot of camaraderie and development for people. Many people got their first chest to bar pull up today. The Open identified some weakness for people. The idea of training is growth. Finding something that you need to improve and working to improve on it is the essence of self actualization. 

The video has a special message for Kozian at the end: 


Great job everyone!!!

CrossFit Ann Arbor: Open WOD 11.5


The menu for today is WOD 11.5 - A saucy little AMRAP including Power Clean (Please don't pull with your arms), Toes to bar, yes the toes touch the bar and Wall Ball - Everyone's favorite. Served in a prolong fashion of 20 minutes. Yummy. 

Seriously, get after this one.

CrossFit Ann Arbor: Open WOD 11.4

HyperFit USA - The CrossFit Open WOD 11.4 - 


60 Barf Burpees 

30 OHS (#120/#90)

10 Muscle Ups

AMRAP: 10 Minutes 

Great job as a community on this one. 61 Games open people completed the WOD along with 100 of our regular member. Great job people. 


Going for it…

One of the really cool things about the philosophy of CrossFit is that to enhance your training, you should learn and play new sports. 

This is our own Andy "Googley Eyes" Kilpatrick with his scrum cap for the Michigan Men's Rugby Football Club game to day against Kalamazoo. Andy played strongly in his second game of the spring season and represented himself, HyperFit USA and the team very well. 


No one makes a scrum cap sexy like Andy. Strong work!!!


Great game for Matt Frech!