CrossFit Games Day #2


Julie started the day with a strong performance in the triplet/shuttle run. 


The morning WOD for the team went as planned. The team came together and jelled. 


During the skills WOD this morning Julie nailed the weighted pull up and snatch but had a hard time with the water jug carry. 


The final team WOD was a cool format and a solid challenge - the team got a little stuck at the end by overall the performance was good. 


Julie struggled with the weight on the front squat but managed - to end the day in fourth place overall. 

We head into the final day with Julie in 4th overall. Expect some fireworks tomorrow. 

CrossFit Games Day #1


Julie won the beach WOD first thing in the morning. 

The team had a hard time with the sandbag WOD and finished 17th. 


The skills WOD, Julie did well in the handstand walk and l-sit but was a little challenged in the softball throw and ended up that WOD tied for 17th putting her 3rd overall.


The rope climbs were hard for our team but made up ground in the max clean. 


Julie rocked the rope climb/clean wod finished finishing second leading Anne a points during the WOD. 

Day two: Watch out. 

Precision and Excellence

Precision and excellence in execution. Observing acts of great skill is inspiring. Great skill and daring come the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Every opportunity to practice and polish what you do is another step in the quest for greatness.

Never settle for good enough. It never is. Go for the best and seek challenges to foster growth. Strive for your edge. It is what defines us as a person.

Precision and Excellence