Fun Training…


Kids today spend a lot of time sitting around doing nothing. A lot has to do with their environment. Kids emulate what they see. Today the bogie man of "safe" has kids being afraid to climb trees and generally be kid. 

Had some fun at a birthday party with one of Hunter's classmates at Jump City in Ann Arbor and decided to have some fun with the video. 

Jedi Master Koski handles the lightsaber training. 

CrossFit Ann Arbor: Baseline

On occassion we retest the baseline work. We want to track people's progress in an apples to apples comparission. 


Too many PRs to mention. Great work!!!

Pushing Limits

Keep track of your scores and keep pushing you limits.

Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits

CrossFit Ann Arbor: Karen and Grace – 9/12/11


Combining two WODs into one makes a special treat. Karen combined with Grace leads to some majic. 

Wall Ball: 50 (#20/#14)

Clean and Jerk: 10 (#135/#95)

3 Rounds for time - 20 Minute time cap. 

This video is a compilation of the classes leading up to power hour. Great job to everyone! 


HyperFit USA – Babysitting

Hunter has been spending a lot of time in the gym, watching people workout. He decided to pick up a training bar and play. Doing the things he sees people do all the time. 


He has even adopted the pause/assess/drama/theatrics of many of our members when they get tired. Funny is he is having fun with a #15 bar. We have seen adults struggle with that bar. A 5 year old grabs the bar and plays. 

There is a lot to be learned from kids and the spirit of play. 




CrossFit Ann Arbor: Olympic Weightlifting Practice – 9- 7 -11

The challenge of training weightlifting is to be able to accomodate various levels of athletes and skill sets. The task is to develop the new people and make sure the veterans grow. 

Including block pulling aids in force development (Not the Jedi kind). Hence the expense and space allocation of the pull blocks.