CrossFit Ann Arbor: Squat – Squat – Squat


Squatting is essential to being stong. Making time to do the simple things goes a long way to improving performance. 


Take time between sets to fully recover for the next attempt. Many times people rush though the squats to get to the METCON. Patience it key to success. 


Squatting makes people happy. 


Full range of motion is part of the athletic development of the athletes we train. 


Effort is required to get stronger. 


Assisstance aides like boxes can help the mobility challenges to work past their limitations. 


Squatting develops focus. 


Squats are good for the guys. 


Squats are good for the gals. 


It is really simple - if you don't squat, you aren't squat. 


CrossFit Ann Arbor: All Out


Going all out. Dancing on your redline pushes the redline out. The more you do and harder you go builds the capacity people want. Results are determined by a great extent by your intensity. Intensity is going all out. 

CrossFit Ann Arbor: Murderers Row

Murderers row: The gauntlet - Starting at #88 moving up to #106, graduating to #124 and finally mastering the swing with the #150 kettlebell.

Give it a try. Any technical fault in your swing will show up. The heavier weights do not lend themselves to being forward on the toes or rounding the back. It is a great to develop a sense of being rooted to the ground in the swing. If you are an arm lifter, good luck.

Don't expect to get the bell very high initially. Just maintain position and get the hips moving. These are a development tool for training hip extension.

CrossFit Ann Arbor: Murderers Row

CrossFit Ann Arbor: On Excellence

Excellence is something to strive for. Reaching above the ordinary and common to polish yourself a finely honed razors edge takes commitment. Each step of the journey of excellence is hard. Consistently making the effort to be a little better every day is tough. You must be tougher. Try a little harder. Be a little better.

Excellence is an attitude. Settle for nothing less than excellence.

CrossFit Ann Arbor: On Excellence