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Why we choose CrossFit

  • Why CrossFit?
    Why do we do CrossFit?

    Who really relies on the results of their fitness to preserve their lives? Soldiers, Police and Fire fighters.

    What is being adopted throughout the Special Forces communities, Secret Service, US Marshals, FBI, ATF and many other people who rely on fitness to preserve their lives? CrossFit.

    When it comes to an endeavor where being weak costs you your life, they do CrossFit.

    Most of us do not require that level of fitness in our daily lives. Why train this hard? If you look at a continuum when on one side is residing in a nursing home and the other end the decathlete (Or similar well rounded capable individual), ask this simple question: Which place do I want to be in?

    Time, aging, and lifestyle conspire to put us in long term care homes and alike. The harder we pull toward the elite side of the continuum, the less close we are to the nursing home. If teaching a 57 year old women to dead lift 200 plus pounds seems extreme, think of the grandmother who can't pick up her #20 grandson. Which place do you want to be in?

    Very few of us will get to the level of being on the CrossFit website for some outstanding physical feat. We CAN all work diligently to achieve the best effort and results our age and ability allow us to achieve.

    All the training we do at HyperFit USA uses CrossFit principles as the basis of our programming.


    Our goal is to create people who are capable in ALL aspects of fitness. The results and methods are shown on our blogs and in our videos.

    When the SEAL Teams and Special Forces adopt Swiss balls as a major tool to keep them alive when it counts, I will buy them. Until that time, we will do CrossFit.


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August 07, 2012


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Berger Russell

Great read Doug. Remember that Bryan Kelly has publicly denied CrossFit's claim that he wants to manage CrossFit. He has even said that he respects Greg Glassman and his ability to lead CrossFit and make good decisions.

Which begs two important questions he has never answered:

1. Why do you respect Greg Glassman's decision making and management decisions except for the decision to reject you as a partner?

2. Why has Lauren Glassman publicly state that she is selling her stake to CrossFit FOR increased "corporate management" and "Accountability"?

Does anyone else smell what I'm smelling?


I am not currently for or against Anthos buying Lauren's share but I am trying to be an intelligent person and gather the facts so that I can make my personal judgement. In following that I have to ask - what or how is Anthos demonstrating a "back door forced entry attempt into CrossFit?" I mean, you're saying that based on what? The simple fact that Lauren is attempting to sell them her shares? I'm just reading rhetoric everywhere stating this is a "hostile" takeover but in reality, what does that look like? There's not been any evidence that has been publicly presented - unless I'm missing something. Please, tell me. whiskyjuliet@facebook.com is where you can message me.


Good shit Doug!

Craig Massey

I like the sister dating analogy very much.
That's exactly what this feels like.

I think that makes Russell Berger the annoying kid brother who tries to warn everyone? :-)

And I like the suggestion that Anthos sell the services they think will improve Affiliates' operation to the Affiliates. That's obviously not their agenda so I can't see it happening, but if they really did understand the relationship the Affiliates have with HQ and want to help the Affiliates, that's what they'd do.

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