Workout of the Day…

The rewards for those who persevere far exceed the pain that must precede the victory.

-Ted W. Engstrom



I never seek to defeat the man I am fighting, I seek to defeat his confidence. A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory. Two men are equals - true equals - only when they both have equal confidence.

- Arthur Golden


Workout of the Day

The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.

-Morihei Ueshiba



Workout of the Day


To live we must conquer incessantly, we must have the courage to be happy.

   — Henri Frederic Amiel

Workout of the Day

One measure of how creative you are is how you respond to changes in your circumstances and environment. How flexible are you? Consider how water adapts to its environment: evaporation, condensation, snowflake, melting, flowing, goes around rocks, fills containers, etc.

-Unknown Source

Workout of the Day

The heart may think it knows better: the senses know that absence blots people out. We really have no absent friends. The friend becomes a traitor by breaking, however unwillingly or sadly, out of our own zone: a hard judgment is passed on him, for all the pleas of the heart.

-Elizabeth Bowen

Workout of the Day

It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.

-Sally Kempton

Workout of the Day

Live in the present. The past is gone; the future is unknown -- but the present is real, and your opportunities are now. You must see these opportunities; they must be real for you. The catch is that they can't seem real if your mind is buried in past failures, if you keep reliving old mistakes, old guilts, old tragedies. Fight your way above the many inevitable Traumatizations of your ego, escape damnation by the past, and look to the opportunities of the present. I don't mean some vague moment in the present -- next week or next month, perhaps. I mean today, this minute.

-Maxwell Maltz