Mindset Monday

Mindset Monday: Every day you train is an opportunity to make positive changes. Positive changes come from reflecting on your performance relative to your goals. You must first define what it is you are trying to achieve before you can evaluate your performance. Think about how your workout fits into helping you achieve your goals. Each workout, element and movement can be evaluated. Distance yourself from your training and observe your results objectively. This mindset can help you cope with a bad training day and dissect your performance.



Approaching a WOD:

  • What is the planned stimulus of the workout?
    • What adaptation if the workout trying illicit?
    • What is the expected time value of the workout?
    • How fast CAN someone do this?
    • What is the time of each component of each element of the workout?
    • How much with each element take out of me?
    • How can I minimize the transition time between elements?
    • Have I done this workout or one that is similar?
  • Evaluate the workout for you:
    • Consider the workout as a whole, based on your skill set and ability, what do you thing would be a good time or score?
    • Does is have movements or loads you are comfortable or challenged by?
    • Will you need to scale the work out?
    • Where is your sticking point?
    • What part of the workout will push you and your skills?
    • How can you cope with your weakness in this WOD?
    • How are you going to approach the rep schemes?
    • Where are you going to need to break sets if at all?
    • What is your plan on how to keep moving on the workout?
  • What is my strategy?
    • Is it possible for me to do the whole workout unbroken?
    • What sets can you do to minimize fatigue and minimize time?
    • Where can you push?
    • Where can you pace?
    • How are you going to deal with it if the wheels fall off?


Post WOD Evaluation:

  • What were my results?
    • What was your time or score?
    • Was it different than you expectations? Why?
    • What assumptions did you make that were incorrect?
    • What assumptions did you make that were correct?
    • Next time you do this or a similar WOD, what would you do differently?
    • Should you have scaled?
    • Should you have done it Rx?
    • How could you have gotten more out of the WOD?
  • How did I talk to myself during the WOD?
    • Did you frame the WOD in positive terms?
    • Did you think about the things
    • Did you see perfect execution at each stage of the WOD?
  • What did you learn?
    • Could you have gone harder?
    • What would you do differently?
    • Could you have tried a different approach to breaking set?
    • Did your effort match the expected training goal?


The process of learning from each time you train is part of the journey. Taking time to look in the mirror and evaluate is essential to making progress. Enjoy your journey.


WOD for Friday October 30th


For Time

50 Power Cleans 135/95#

40 Back Squats

30 Power Cleans

20 Front Squats

10 Power Cleans

WOD for Sunday October 25th


5 Rounds for TIme

Dumbbell Snatch 1/1 x 5 (100/70#)

200m Run