Mindset Monday: The Four Ds

The Four Ds – Ingredients to success.


Desire: Want what you want. There is no substitute to being clear about what you want. There is also no substitute to really getting in touch with what you want. You think about it, you dream about it and you see yourself achieving it. You want it. There are no excuses for wanting what you want. Desire is the fuel to dive you to do what needs to be done. Strong desire is fuel in the tank of the race car. No one writes books about Joe average and their great accomplishments. People with strong desires to achieve are the people who are in history books. Embrace your desire to achieve.


Dedication: Your commitment to get it. Your dedication is what gets you to make plans to achieve your desires.  Dedication is choosing your path at the exclusion of other paths. Dedication is what gets you the results you want. The day in and day out of checking the boxes for what you need to do to achieve your desires. Dedication is showing up, doing your job, day in and day out. You job is to achieve what you want. What ever you want in life, your dedication to getting there is helps you achieve it.


Determination: Staying to your purpose. Determination is holding on when things get tough. There are no tough times, only tough people. You are tough or you are not.  Determination is digging your heels in and sticking to what you want. When people set out to do great things, there are people who are “friends” or family say you should take it easy, don’t take risks. They mean well but in reality, they are putting their limits on you. Determination connects to your Desire and your Dedication to know the thing you want is a value and worth giving your all to get it.


Discipline: Read - Self-discipline – It is the rough edge to staying on track. Discipline is doing what you are committed to. Choosing the path to fulfill your desires. Discipline is your attention to detail. Discipline helps you make choices. Life is full of distractions. Your self-discipline is to help you stay on track. Discipline is what helps you make a simple binary decision about most things in life. The binary decision is: Will what I am doing help me achieve the results I want? Yes or No. Simple. Taking the time to make this simple decision tree is the key to getting what you want. Choose and act.



WOD for Monday November 30th


:20/:10 x 32 Intervals

Swing 24/16kg


Goblet Squats


Mindset Monday – Mid-Season Blues

Mindset Monday – Mid Season Blues

Goals are made with ease and smiles but are achieved in sweat, blood and toil. Hard work is the currency of goals. It is easy to make a goal. It is another thing carry it out. It is the 23rd of November. It is dark and dreary and the sun goes down around 5:00 PM. It is time to test your motivation. Everyone wants to compete in July when it is warm and sunny. The dark days of winter test your mettle and motivation. Here are some ideas on how to get through the mid-season blues.

Eyes on the prize: Everyone has goals. It is easy to lose site of what you want to what your goal when it is difficult. People get aches and pains. It tests your motivation and focus. Your goals should be quantified and posted. Big goals, medium goals and small goals need to be approached in bite site pieces.

The Big Goals: These are your long-term goals - your REAL long-term goals. What you want your placement to be in the Open, Regionals and Games all matter but the big prize is really what we want. Not everyone is going to qualify for the games. Step back and consider the real reason you workout: to lead a healthy, quality life. The other goals are medium-term motivators that maximize short-term focus. But the real goal is to be healthy. Get in touch with your metrics: are you fitter than last year. People get wrapped around the axel that their results could be better or they could be fitter is they changed…something. This idea leads to program and gym jumpers. It is inevitable people seek out the new, shiny or different thing. It leads to short-term focus and undermines long-term results. The Big Goal is really the WHY of what you are doing. Everything you do should focus on the long-term goals.

The Medium Goals: Performance based goals that support your long-term goals. Think of these as benchmark performances in the present training year. Your medium goals should support your long-term objectives. Many athletes will compare their year over year performance in the Open or Regionals or Games. However, it may be a better idea to really look at more standard benchmarks. The Open, Regionals and Games are super relative and performance can vary a lot based on content choice. It is a good idea to regularly test previous workouts from one or two years ago to see how your performance compares. One year from now, what do you want your back squat to be? Your Fran time? Get it?

The Short Goals: These are tasks and activities based goals. Many people seeking fitness can have a goal to make it to the gym four times a week. The activity supports the medium and long-term goals. What ever your goals, your daily activity needs to support your longer-term goals. If your goal is to make it to the Games, then your daily activity needs to support it. If your goal is put your speedo and rock the shopping mall next summer, consider not posting it on Facebook for the world to see, but your daily activity needs to match your goals. (Not a socially responsible goal but there it is.) Really dive into what you are doing today to support your long-term objectives. The six inches in front of your face is what you need to get done and the long-term things will take care of themselves.

How does all this get you through the Mid-Season Blues? By focusing on what you want and committing to daily activity that supports it, you can deal with anything. Daily activity that supports your long-term mission is how you make it through the mid-season blues.

Fat Bastard

WOD for Tuesday November 24th



40' DB High Carry Lunge 35/25#

10 Rowing Push-Ups

40' DB High Carry Lunch 35/25#

10 Push Press

WOD for Monday November 23rd


4 Rounds for Time

10 Power Cleans 155/105#

10 Pull-Ups

10 Dips

WOD for Saturday November 21st


OPEN 11.6

For 7:00, continue the pattern

3 Thrusters

3 C2B

6 Thrusters

6 C2B


WOD for Friday November 20th


Open 11.4


60 Bar Facing Burpees

30 OHS 120/90#

10 MU