WOD for Tuesday March 29th




7 Rounds for Time

400m Run

29 Back Squats 135/95#

WOD for Friday March 25th


Open 16.5


Thrusters 95/65#


One way…


Senso Unico (One Way)

There is one way for everything. One way to deadlift, one way to clean, one way to snatch, one way to eat, one political party, one religion, one software platform - there is one way for everything. The process for deciding the one way that works is to try every way and decide what is the best way for them. Sounds reasonable?

Life is full of ambiguities. There are many different ways to skin a cat. There are many methods people use to go through life. There are many methods for training. The "best" science of its time had Americans eating high carb, low fat diets and American's incidence of heart disease went up. The current "best" science has people eating a different prescription. Is there "one way" to eat?

Check the shelves as the book store and see how many current experts are touting the latest research about standing on your head 15 minutes before your next meal helps aid in macronutrient absorption and minimizes intake of heavy metals. Citing the probability of capillary tension and bold flow to the brain aligns the limbic system and increasing hair follicle growth in the right places as you age. (Obvious Conclusions) Some people may read the book, take it on board, follow the step by step procedures and have miraculous results - lose fat due to loss of appetite due to being sick to stomach from standing on head. Obvious hair density increase by lint from carpet stick to head.) They will be converted, become true believes and recommend the book to everyone, begin a blog, write about their experiences, stop being friends with anyone who does not stand on their head before meals, begin a meet up group to find like minded people, move to a central American county, build a compound, commit mass suicide because they are sure that the head stand police will come and deprive them of their rights to head stand by outlawing heads stands prior to meals in restaurants. All because it is the one way for everyone to eat. (Diet parody works well for all the above mentions hot button and near religious furor about diet and opinions about diet.)

The alternative ending to the story is that people get results for the same reasons but lose interest in standing on their head before their meal due to looking like a douche bag on a first date, which does not lead to second date. (May be good for the overall human gene poole since the likelihood of said douche bag finding someone to reproduce with is low, so nature deselects those individuals from the population.) The New York Times best seller diet goes the way of all the rest of the NYT best seller diets - oblivion.

There is nothing more dangerous than the converted. Follow any hot topic on the internet. Find a hot button where the relevant facts are clouded by belief and emotional furor. People write scathing posts flaming anyone who has an alternative opinion on any topic. Reason is the first casualty of any conflict. Many posters don't even both to read the previous posters complete before they get online, insult the idea sharer's everything hope that they dies in a fiery car crash because their head stand it not dialed in. Chill out and have an open mind.

Timing and relevant range: There is a saying in Zen that says, "When the student is ready, the master appears." Timing often dictates the right method for the right time. Our best clients have done "everything" before. They have tried many different fitness methods and have found that what they are doing now is the "best" for them. People need to be ready to the Does this mean that it is best for everyone? Depends on perspective.

From one point of view, Obi-Wan, a system that is infinitely scaleable can be right for everyone. Beginning with a PVC pipe to lift to get people to move well may be too easy or too hard depending on the individual. From another point of view, Jabba, some people do not like intensity. The moment they begin to feel the burn, they stop. Any soreness is too much. Any effort is too much. Go to the over the counter pain relief section of the pharmacy and look at the endless options for numbing what ails you.

Fad vs. System: The mullet was a fad gone bad in 1980's and still exists in small populations - hockey players and emotionally underdeveloped 40 somethings who still rock out to Bon Jovi in their IROC-Z. Fads come and go, but systems seem to endure. The corner barber will exist in some form for the foreseeable forever.

Experimentation is interesting. Try new things. Keep and open mind. Check the validity of things by trying them or reasoning through the application. Find what works for you now. If you stop getting what you want, then change. The is no one way.

The plane to central America is boarding, see you soon. Come join the family. The Kool Aid is unsweetened.


WOD for Sunday March 20th


:30 Work/:30 Rest x 20 Intervals

Power Snatch 75/55#


Power Clean & Jerks

Jump Squats

(Cycle through exercises)

WOD for Saturday March 19th


2 Rounds for Time

50 Double Unders

30 Abmat Sit-Ups

20 Push-Ups