Warning: When you enter here your life will be different. Leave theproblems and petty struggles of regular life behind. You are enteringa place of achievement. You are entering a place where success is thenorm, not the exception. You are entering a place to push yourself.

You are entering a place of personal growth. Learn about yourselfthrough physical struggle. Transcend self-imposed limitations.Explore existence that forges a physically and mentally strongerperson. Overcome limitations. Enter a place to push your abilities.Gain more capabilities every day. Sculpt your body and mind to arazors edge. The mind and body are one. Making the body strongforges the mind. If you enter here, you will be stronger.

Beware; when you leave here, the rest of the world will lookdifferent. Not because the world has changed, you will have changed.You will have pushed your limits and pushed on. You will move beyondthe superficial and shallow. Confidence flows from capabilities. Youwill be more capable. You will be able to do more, more often.

You will have faced fears and overcome them: One workout at a time.You will work to master skills. You will have faced hardship andpersevered where others have quit. When you look to your right and leftduring training, you will see people who are more like you incharacter than in most any other place in your life.

It is not something you can really talk about. People who have notgone through what you did, will not understand. It is hard to explainthe passion to climb a mountain to someone who rides an escalator.