Okay What is the deal with the Skull and Cross Bones?

People ask, why the skull? Why the harsh appearance? You guys are so nice, why the rough exterior?

Here it is: We do not want everyone. We want people who are serious about fitness. We want people who are seeking a challenge. How do we figure that out who is serious. Simple, we give them a training session and if they come back then they are serious. Our training standards are hard, very hard and not everyone is willing to work as hard as our people are. We expect people to be diligent in their training. We close enrollment in January to protect our clientele from the people who are not serious. All are welcome, the strong stay, the determined thrive.

Most of the fitness industry used glossy slicks and catch slogans to get people in their door, a slick sales pitch and an iron clad contract to get people’s money. The status quo in the industry is $15 for 15 pounds or some other bullshit. We don’t do that. We sell our fitness like crack: First hit is free You are either hooked or you are not. If you are not, go to globogym and enjoy your 4.4 visits a month for $60. If you are, you visit Alice in the rabbit hole and everything changes.

The skull and crossbones is the label that separates us from them. We don’t promise enlightenment or perfect abs or tell you will become popular if you work out here. We promise hard work. We promise variety. We promise you will learn skills and train you like an athlete. We promise to make your heart hit your rib cage. We promise to make you use the handicapped stall after your first few workouts. We promise to train you as athletes. Athletes of life.

If you get your diet under control and stop eating mayonnaise popsicles and drinking hotdog water maybe the Speedo will be in your future. There is no training program that will give you rock hard abs while you have Domino’s on speed dial. Really. No pill, no amount of 7 minutes a day or walking.

The Skull and Bones is the warning label. The medicine is potent. If used right, it can cure what ails you. If used wrong

Any questions?

Anyone want to know about the cat?