Pricing Options

Intro Sessions Package: $350

Each person who joins HyperFit USA must go through 10 personal training sessions. The sessions consist of skills and drills to help new people prepare to enter our main classes. We realize that high intensity dynamic movements require a skill and awareness the average fitness enthusiast does not possess. Each session is a half an hour in length and is $35. If you come from another CrossFit facility, we will give you an evaluation to see what you need.

Skills Based Personal Training: $35 per 1/2 hr

Many people who train with us need attention outside of class to develop their skills. We provide custom skills based training to help people learn movement. Each session is a half an hour in length and is $35.

Regular Class Training:

  • Gold - Unlimited Classes: $199
  • Silver – 12 Classes per Month $155
  • Military/LEO/Firefighter/First Responder – 10% Discount
  • Student Membership - 10% Discount on unlimited membership

The not-so-fine print:

All Memberships are month-to-month; cancellations are subject to 14 day written notification in person. All people have to do to stop training is come in and fill out our cancellation form. You join in person and you can quit in person. All payments are non-refundable.