Training Process

The Training Process: Three Phases

Phase I: The intro.

During the intro, you will get an opportunity to experience what we do and, more importantly, how we do it. The into takes about an hour. The intro helps us understand where you are coming from and if what we do matches what you are looking for. The intro is like your first shot of whisky: It is going to burn and you either like it or you don’t. Either way is okay with us. We will set up your intro to fit your schedule.

Phase II: The Sessions.

The next step in the training process is to do your 10 session training package. First, we will start with basic expectations – we will teach you how to get the most out of your training sessions. We will teach you the fundamentals of barbells, Kettlebells and pull-ups. We will prepare you to enter our class structure. Once you have established the basic skills, we will have you participate in our classes. It may be as early as your 3rd session or we may have you do another set of sessions based on your skills. It depends on your performance. These sessions are also scheduled around your schedule. Expect to work with each one of our staff. We all need to know you and how you move.

Phase III: Training.

The final and ongoing process is to attend classes regularly. We expect our people to join Beyond The Whiteboard to track their training because our training is performance based and your training must be measured in order to make effective progress. Keep a journal of your training and what you have accomplished. Set performance based goals. Consistency is the key to progress. You cannot make progress if you do not try.