Doug Chapman

Doug founded HyperFit USA in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2003. HyperFit grew out of Doug’s personal training business and led to his nationally known boot camp program, HyperFit Boot Camp. Doug became involved with CrossFit in 2004 and affiliated as one of the original affiliates as CrossFit Ann Arbor in 2005. (Doug helped build the old school) Doug credits Coach Greg Glassman with changing his life and helping him improve the quality of life for thousands of his clients. Since, 2005 HyperFit has been recognized one of the top affiliates with uncompromising standards in teaching movement and organizing training – he has centered HyperFit training on the CrossFit Mantra: Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity. Doug was a part of the CrossFit Level 1 Staff into 2014. Doug reluctantly became involved with competitive CrossFit training in 2009, due to pressure from top coach and great friend Skip Miller of Front Range CrossFit. Since 2009, Doug has been programming for athletes producing over 40 appearances at the CrossFit Games placing seven on the podium. Doug holds regular training camps at HyperFit and on the road developing coaches and athletes. In 2014, Doug became the head coach for the Miami Surge, a professional Grid team.

Doug’s Background: He began his career as a collegiate wrestler earning All-American honor three times. Doug competed and coached post-college. He is a certified certification junkie. The list of training and coaching certifications leads to the breadth and depth the programming he writes. Here is short menu of Doug’s coaching development: CrossFit L1, L2, Kettlebell, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Mobility, Endurance, Barbell, Football, Powerlifting (Louis Simmons), CF Powerlifting, POSE Running L1/L2, USAW Sports Performance, USAW L1 Coach, USAW Senior Coach, Russian Kettlebells (RKC), IKFF Kettlebells, PNF Certification, Master BOSU, TRX Suspension Trainer, Cooper Institute, A.C.E., AFFA and more he can’t remember. Doug is a constant student of human performance.

Doug’s current and alumni athletes include: Julie Foucher, Chyna Cho, Neal Maddox, Brooke Wells, Nick Urankar, Jon Pera, Shawn Ramirez, Frank Wray, Merrill Mullis, Ron Ortiz, Chris Weir, Freddie Camacho, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Jacob Heppner, Lindsey Valenzuela, Nicole Holcomb, Shana Alverson, Marcus Hendren, Emily Friedman, Jennifer Smith, Courtney Modecki, Eric Bartlett, Shellie Eddington, Mary Gilleland, Ryan Taylor, Christine Watts, CrossFit Grandview, CrossFit Naptown, HyperFit USA. L1 Staff Alumni: Julie Foucher, Joe DeGain, Nicole Christensen, Joey Dill, Andrew Charlesworth, Kim Bozman. There are too many regional athletes and teams to list.

Doug’s Mission: Is unchanged from the beginning, to help people actualize their fitness potential and positively impact each person’s quality of life. The goal may be the podium at the games or to lose 100 pounds or recover from a double knee replacement or make sure their golden years are golden. Doug’s client’s goals become his goals. The concept Greg Glassman purported that the needs of our Olympians and senior citizens differ by degree, not kind leads to the programming and coaching he does. A games athlete’s General Physical Preparedness (GPP) training is someone else’s scaled fat loss workout. The mission is to provide people with the opportunity to work to perform their best. No compromises, no excuses just focused results.