The content of our training camps helps get people under the eyes of very experineced coaches.


When we have local camps, we have our local athletes train with the training camp. It ends up being pretty fun.


We retested the Open WOD 13.5 with the camp. We had 60+ people doing the WOD in three heats and needless to say the intensity was high. (Saturday)

The Sunday WOD was a combination of 5 x 3 FSQ and a OHS/Burpee METCON. It too was fun and again standing room only.

Our camps are geared to making everyone better, from seasons games veterans as well as coaches to get a broader experience and aspiring regional level and master's athletes.

We rotate training blocks in camp to give repeat campers different experinences each time.

Here are some of the blocks of training:

Olympic Weightlifting: We have enough gear (Pull Blocks, Jerk Block, Bars and Equipment) to give people a lot of instruction as well as hands on expeience.

Snatch Session

Jerking from the blocks

And a clean and jerks session:

We also include training blocks on strongman equipment, kettlebell training and more.

Here are the yokes and stones block:

Here is a block for kettlebell training:

And last but not least - Prison Rules - It is a proprietary density training method we use and have used to athletes ready for the Games.

What all the videos do not show is the professional instruction. We use proven methods of instruction and help our campers move better, know what to look for in their training and motivate them for the next level.